Event report – National Capital Rally


A very tough rally to finish the 2016 National Capital Rally.  Matt and I started ok, the Super Special on Friday night was fun but took it easy so as not to hit any barriers or curbs, looks like some others didn’t.  Not many spectators left when we went through as it was quite a cold evening.

Saturday morning very slippery conditions and Matt was under instructions to get through the slippy morning and hope it dried out for the afternoon so we could have a bit of a go.  We were tentative to start with but put on a show for the spectators, then went well on River Rd getting into a bit of rhythm until we got tot third stage of the morning only to find in cancelled do to a car fire.

Saturday afternoon and we were 15 secs quicker through the spectator stage and could have gone quicker.  Car was going well and Matt was starting to get into the groove.  Stage 6 which included our favourite run along River Rd started well, Matt got a bit untidy with a bit of red mist through the middle bit but he settled and we were looking at a good time.  With about 6km to go we were on River Road and the Right hand rear collapsed.  Matt managed to wrestle the car to the end of the stage, the tyre smell inside the car was quite strong.  Finsihed the stage, got out to see waht the issue was and it was a circlip had come out on the RHR shock.  Using our late time managed to fix this and change the badly damaged tyre.  On the way to the next stage it went again, called it quits as we wouldn’t have made it through the stage.

Took the car to Capital Steering and Suspension in Fyshwick, thanks to Simon Leigh who helped us get the car back.  Car was fixed and a spanner check done and home in bed by 9pm.

Sunday dawned a foggy stamjolinar1rt, all was good until the transport to the first stage.  Along Parkes Way when Matt shifted into 5th there was metallic “Ding” sort of sound and when we tried to accelerate out of the next intersection all we got was clutch slip, made worse through Coppins Crossing.  We decided to to turn left back to the service park rather than being stuck in the forest.  Clutch was stuffed anyway.  So end of rally due to a bolt sheering off holding the Clutch master cylinder and it then bending into the firewall causing the clutch slippage.

On a good note, Matt improved his driving and we felt the car has good potential.  We worked well as a team.  Next event on the Calendar for Matt is Narooma in July.



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