Targa 2016 Wrap


Well it’s been a while since there has been an update.

Back from Targa now, had a great event with some new personal records set on some of the iconic stages.  First few days was getting back into the groove as both of us hadn’t competed for a while.  Bruce put on an awesome show for the spectators at Georgetown with an very drifting like slide through the carpark.  Had a few issues on Day with the Gearknob breaking off, a nice long socket and some racetape fixed it, made it all the way to Hobart.

Day 3 a long day with over 150km competitive including Cethana and Riana very long stages.  Best times on both of those long stages, caught quite a few cars and had a ball.  Not much to do tothe car at end of the day but check fluids and give it a once over.targa2016

Day 4 some favourites and some new stages.  The 3 stages up near Stanley were ok, but the 10 min lunch break at Stanley was pathetic, so much for the locals getting to see us for long.   Combined with a one and a half hour wait at the next stage start was crazy, hold us in Stanley for an extra hour and make it an event for the locals.  On the last stage of the day we apexed right on the hole on the apex about 6km in, punctured, drove on it then the tyre disappeared, finished the stage on three tyres, only lost about 2 mins.  Glad we carry a spare or it would have been gameover.

Day 5 had a ball, passed a few cars but quite uneventful.  Day 6 was the day with dark clouds and spots of rain on the windscreen.  3 cars off on first stage with many more to follow.  On the 3rd stage of the day it started dry then mid stage was a downpour, the A9X that started in front of us was in a ditch pointing the wrong direction when we came across it.  Got to the end of the stage and it was dry again, told the Stop point to get the stage changed to wet as it was diabolical in the middle section.  The rest of the day went ok, quite slippy on the last one but made it through ok.

Glad to finish the event, 13th in Classic and first in Category.  Targa 2016 was another great experience, it’s not just a rally it’s 6 rallies with a different rally each day.

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